Nakao Residence
An important cultural property of Karatsu, this is a former whaling group leader’s home.
Tajima Shrine
Dedicated to three goddesses known for protecting people in business and sea navigation.
Yobuko Ohashi Bridge
On the hill across the bridge is Kaze no Mieru Oka Park, with a view of Ogawa Island, Kakara Island, and much more.
Hizen Nagoya Castle Site
The site where the Nagoya Castle once stood, used as the base from which Toyotomi Hideyoshi launched his invasions of Korea at the end of the 16th century.
Hado Misaki & Heart Misaki
This public work of art and monument was completed in 2009, earning the spot the moniker of "Lover’s Sanctuary."
Genkai Energy Park
A theme park where visitors can learn all about energy with a focus on nuclear energy, nature, and humankind.
Tsunahiki Kaikan
Commemorating a traditional festival that started with a tug-of-war contest using the mooring line of a warship.
Kaze no Mieru Oka Park
Literally, "wind view hill park." The Genkai Sea spreads out to the north, and to the south one can see Yobuko Bay, Yobuko Ohashi Bridge and the site of Hizen Nagoya Castle.
Yobuko Morning Market
Held mornings from 7:30 to around 11:00, stalls sell fresh goods from the land and sea. It’s a "pedestrian’s paradise" for strolling around.
Enjoy a ride on the Zeela glass-bottom boat in any season or take a cruise on the Ika Maru to see the Nanatsugama basalt sea caves.
Genkai Underwater Observation Tower
The tower stands at the end of a pier 86 meters from land at Hado Misaki. A staircase leads down seven meters underwater to view fish.
Suginohara Kofun on Kabe Island
This ancient tumulus is a well-known sightseeing spot in Yobuko.
Hamanoura Terraced Fields
See with your own eyes magnificent scenery that is often shot for photo contests.
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