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The city of Nagoya in Hizen, the old province name for Saga, was once an entry point for envoys from the Asian continent. It is a traditional port town that has many points of historical interest, including the ruins of Hizen Nagoya Castle, as well as much natural scenic beauty. The hotel, completely rebuilt in 2005, stands on a hill overlooking the beautiful sea of Genkai Quasi-National Park. We offer live squid and other delicious fresh seafood cuisine from the rough waters of the Genkai Sea. Enjoy special arrangements in every season.

■No. of guestrooms 17 Capacity 100
■Address  1399 Nagoya, Chinzei-cho, Karatsu, Saga 847-0401
■TEL:  +81 (0)955-82-1711
■FAX:  +81 (0)955-82-3537
■Standard room rates From 12,600 yen
■Check-in/Check-out 3:00 p.m./10:00 a.m.

Official Site(http://www.taiboukaku.com)
→ E-mail front@taiboukaku.com

• Bath: Large indoor bath with view (men’s and women’s separate), outdoor bath with view (men’s and women’s separate)
• Lounge
• Banquet room
• Restaurant "Hana-kago"
• Parking facilities

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