Ryokan Izumo
Our ryokan is located about six minutes’ walk from the Yobuko morning market. We are selective about our ingredients and flavors. Both dinner and breakfast are served in the guestrooms. Guests can enjoy Yobuko’s famous morning-caught squid, as well as lobster, live uni (sea urchin), sazae (turbo cooked in its own shell), Saga beef, and other delicacies.

■No. of guestrooms 8 Capacity 25
■Address  1962-1 Yobuko, Yobuko-cho, Karatsu, Saga 847-0303
■TEL:  +81 (0)955-82-3706
■FAX:  +81 (0)955-82-3602
■Standard room rates 9,800 to 16,000 yen
Note: Additional premium charged during Golden Week vacation in May, and over Obon and Christmas/New Year holidays
■Check-in/Check-out 3:00 p.m./10:00 a.m.

Official Site(http://www.izumo-jp.com)
→ E-mail izumo77@izumo-jp.com

• Entrance faces the sea coast
• Lobby (with comfortable wooden furniture)
• Guestrooms: Japanese-style toilet or Western-style toilet with warmed seat and bidet
• Bath (can be used by men and women separately or rented for private use by one family)
• Squid caught in the Genkai Sea each morning are held in live fish tanks, which also include lobster, ara (saw-edged perch) and other fish

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